SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Union College Professor Mary Carroll has been elected as the 2023 president-elect of the American Chemical Society. The society is the world’s largest scientific society with 151,000 members in 140 countries.

According to the Union College website, Carroll will serve as the president in 2024 and immediate past president in 2025. She will also serve on the board of directors from 2023 through 2025.

Carroll states in the ACS announcement on Oct. 26, “I feel honored and really pleased,” “I look forward to promoting ACS activities that are going to yield maximum results for the members and for society at large. And I’m also eager to have the opportunity to work with other ACS member volunteers from all different levels.” Carroll also mentions she intends to focus on supporting the dissemination of research, communicating science to the public, encouraging outreach, and increasing diversity.

Carroll co-directs the College’s Aerogel Lab, a highly productive, cross-disciplinary group of students and faculty in chemistry, mechanical engineering, and other STEM fields. At Union, she has also served as chair of the Faculty Executive Committee and on the College’s Planning & Priorities Committee.