SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The school year is winding down, and students from around New York State were recognized on Friday for their efforts to combat bias and bigotry. The Anti-Defamation League of New York State hosted a No Place for Hate recognition ceremony in Schenectady.

No Place for Hate educates students about diversity and helps them become advocates for change in their own communities. Organizers said it’s important to teach people these lessons at a young age and empower them to create the world they hope to see.

“You guys are the youth, and you’re the next generation, and I really admire the work that you’re doing in your schools, because you are paving the way for what’s next to come,” Youth FX Lead Educator Camille Dobbs said.

They also recognized educators and community members who have gone above and beyond to root out hate.