SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Several residents living at the Summit Towers in Schenectady have been forced to vacate their apartments the last few days. The temporary displacement comes as one side of the building has apparent exterior brick damage.

Patricia Goodman, one of the residents who was ordered to vacate, voicing her frustration, “It’s difficult for me, it’s very difficult.”

She says she got a knock on her door Tuesday and was told she had to leave. Looking at a part of the building from Albany Street, you can see why, as a part of the brick exterior appears to be jutting out.

“And yes I was very upset, yes I was crying, because this is like out of nowhere. Out of nowhere, somebody just up and tells you, you gotta be gone and you gotta be gone by tonight,” Goodman explained.

Residents in several units have been asked to leave. The entrance of the building hosts three bright red signs from Code Enforcement, each filed on different days, starting Sunday. The orders to vacate simply state “loose brick” or “loose brick wall” as reasons, and affect eight different apartments.

“No it didn’t bother me because I didn’t see that it affected me. And if you’re not saying that the building is going to collapse, why should I be fearful? That’s going on supposedly outside the building,” Goodman said, when asked if she was concerned about her safety in the building.

News10 reached out to Schenectady Code Enforcement about the extent of the apparent issues, but have not received a response to this point.

Since being told to leave, Goodman says she was given $150 and put up in the Schenectady Inn & Suites just down the road from Summit Towers. But between taking a taxi back-and-forth and food costs, she’s concerned she’ll burn through that amount before she’s able to return.

“This is an inconvenience to me, it’s unfair to me and I shouldn’t have to eat anything, not nothing, because it’s not my fault,” she said, hoping to be back in her apartment on July 5th.

News10 also reached out to the property management group that owns Summit Towers, but hasn’t heard back to this point.