SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Over the past several weeks, officers with the Schenectady Police Department say they have responded to numerous complaints regarding people driving off-road vehicles on city streets. Since that time, the Traffic Division has been investigating these incidents further and ultimately seized several off-road vehicles and issued traffic tickets.

The seized off-road vehicles can be returned to their owner with proof of ownership and payment of a redemption fee of $2,350. If the seized vehicles are not claimed for 60 days, they can be sold at auction, sold for scrap, or destroyed.

There is a Schenectady County ordinance that prohibits the use of off-road vehicles in city parks, public lands, and on city roadways. If anyone has any information regarding the operation of illegal off-road vehicles within the city, you are asked to contact the Schenectady Police Department’s TIPS Line at (518) 788-6566.