SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A Schenectady landlord has been fined over $600,000. According to Schenectady officials, Al Haqq, LLC was found guilty in Schenectady City Court of multiple code violations at eight different properties.

In Thursday’s ruling, Ahmad Halim, the owner of Al Haqq, LLC, was ordered to pay fines totaling $378,500. When adding in the fines from previous sentences by the court, the fines against Al Haqq, LLC total $665,500.

City officials said numerous code violations dating back to 2018 were proved in court. The property maintenance code violations were in reference to exterior conditions that did not meet the minimum requirements of New York State building code.

“The City of Schenectady will continue to take action against absentee landlords who fail to maintain their properties,” said Mayor Gary McCarthy. “These neglected and distressed properties cause safety issues for our residents and harm the quality of life and value in our neighborhoods.”

“The sentences in these cases send a strong message to irresponsible landlords in the City of Schenectady,” said Corporation Counsel Andrew Koldin. “The city will continue to protect its citizens from landlords who neglect their properties.”