SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Schenectady Greenmarket announced Thursday the launch of a free trolley service in partnership with CDTA. The service will start Sunday, May 16 for this year’s outdoor market season outside Schenectady City Hall.

The trolley will provide transportation for residents to and from the market in the Hamilton Hill, Mont Pleasant, and Eastern Avenue neighborhoods as well as on Union Street.

The service will run on a 25-minute loop with a total of 15 stops. The trolley will run from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The pick up and drop off location at the market will be on Clinton and Liberty streets.

(Schenectady Greenmarket)

The loop includes two routes to allow for the trolley to stop at the market twice so riders do not have to stay on the trolley for the duration of the loop to get to their destination.

“Schenectady Greenmarket is proud to serve as a year-round farmers market for residents in
Schenectady and across the Capital Region, with our continued operation throughout the COVID-19
pandemic as an essential business providing fresh, local and healthy food,” said Haley Viccaro,
Schenectady Greenmarket Board Chair. “With the expansion of our market footprint around City Hall and more than 80 vendors this outdoor market season, we’re excited to launch this free pilot trolley service in partnership with CDTA to increase access to our market for individuals and families living in the Hamilton Hill, Mont Pleasant and Eastern Avenue neighborhoods.”

Viccaro added that a large part of their mission is to help tackle food insecurity and food deserts in the community. The hope is that this trolley service will help those in need.