SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The City of Schenectady has partnered with the Northeastern Woodworkers Association (NWA) to recycle trees by milling logs from fallen trees during regular city street maintenance. In appreciation of the donated wood, NWA will mill some wood into rough-cut planks for the city to use for barrier projects and park furniture.

Currently, the trees that would be donated are moved to a tree dump and left to rot. Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy will join NWA members on Thursday to mill the first log from the initial load of Schenectady trees at the Shaker Heritage Site.

“This partnership is a fantastic example of collaboration and opportunity between the city and our local woodworking community,” said Gary McCarthy. “By repurposing these trees into valuable lumber, we will not only reduce waste but also support NWA’s mission and contribute to community projects. It’s a win-win for Schenectady, and it aligns with our commitment to a more sustainable future.”

The NWA has performed other community services in the past few years such as making a custom bed for a child through Make-A-Wish, building adaptive furniture for clients of The Center for Disability Services and tool tote kids for elementary school students, and more.