ROTTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Tennis is back at SPORTIME Schenectady, after a fire damaged the facility earlier this month. It took a village to get members, like Steve Bomeisl, back on the court.

“We’re glad that they’ve taken it upon themselves to get to work right away and fix it up,” said Bomeisl. “And get us all out here playing again.”

General Manager Sarah Sharpe told NEWS10 she’s proud of that progress. “We’re happy to kind of, officially, reopen as of today for outdoor play,” she said. “The progress has been amazing.”

While the outside courts are open for business, inside is a different story. Workers from Quick Response are limited to what they can do.

“Where the fire happened is still under investigation, so we can’t actually work in that section of the building,” explained Quick Response CEO Vincent Laurenzo, Jr. “So that’s going to cause a delay. It’s tough to give a definitive timeline of when they’ll actually be up and running.”

Meanwhile, SPORTIME is doing all they can to make up for lost time. “We’re going to make everybody financially whole,” noted Sharpe. “We’re going to credit any missed membership days in the month of April, and we’re going to be offering discounted memberships going forward until we can get our facility restored 100%.”

As for Bomeisl, he said it’s about more than just money. “I don’t think many of the members really care,” he said. “We’re just happy that SPORTIME is up and running. Good luck SPORTIME!”