NISKAYUNA, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Town of Niskayuna has launched a new program, dubbed “Nisky@Home,” that connects senior citizens who can use help with community volunteers who want to lend a hand. From helping with yard work or daily household chores, to making a meal, changing a lightbulb, or playing chess for company, the initiative aims to meet senior needs and build a volunteer community resource.

The Town of Niskayuna Senior Center staff will manage and operate Nisky@Home. Seniors can register and ask for help with a certain need. Volunteers will register and identify what they can help with. The Senior Center will match them up. For example, a senior who needs help emptying a litter box will be matched with a volunteer willing to do it.

In addition, seniors can request “post-storm assistance.” A volunteer would come by after wind or snow storms and help clean up their yards or clear snow. Once connected, volunteers and seniors will communicate directly with each other regarding needs and scheduling.

Council Member Jessica Brennan developed the program in response to inquiries from families looking for volunteer opportunities that they can do as a family, children included, as well as seniors requesting assistance with jobs around the house. seniors requesting assistance with jobs around the house. “What is extra special about this program is that volunteers can register as a family,” explained Brennan. “This means that a senior can get matched, if they’d like, with a family who can assist. Maybe a parent and child go and read the newspaper every Sunday, or help tend a garden. It’s a rewarding opportunity for a family to volunteer together, ” she continued.

For safety and security, volunteers will be provided with special lanyards identifying them as Town Volunteers. The program will have safety limitations for volunteers such as no use of power equipment, and no driving when they are helping out.

If you are interested in volunteering, or if you are a senior citizen in need of some help, call the Senior Center at (518) 372-4969 or email and inquire about the Nisky@Home Program.