SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Schenectady Foundation has announced its Thriving Neighborhoods Challenge Round 3 grant winners. These eight projects were submitted by residents and will, in total, receive $165,000 in funding.

“The Thriving Neighborhoods Challenge empowers residents,” said Robert Carreau, executive
director of The Schenectady Foundation. “Each project reflects the unique vision of a group of
people with ideas for improving their neighborhoods and the desire to carry them out. Residents
have access to resources to make improvements that matter most to them.”


• Installing a disc golf course in Steinmetz Park. There is already a disc golf course at Central Park. $20,000 requested in funding.

• Wallingford Park improvements, including a second basketball hoop with painted court mural, an ADA-compliant swing and new benches. $50,000 requested in funding.

• Hamilton Hill Pride, which will beautify the intersection of Hulett Street and Albany Street by putting in murals and cleaning up the area. $25,000 requested in funding.

• Caring for Carrie Street Park project, which will develop a plan to improve Carrie Street Park. The funding will be used to get resident input and hire a professional planner. The beautification will begin with planting trees and painting and striping the basketball court. $15,000 requested in funding.

• The Wisdom Sharing Project, which will connect Schenectady youth with adults who can give them guidance and advice on life. $10,000 in requested funding.

• Reawakening East Front Street Part 2, which will create a large, train-shaped flower planter that will celebrate the neighborhood’s history. $5,000 in requested funding.

• Beautifying Crane Street, which will install flower planters along both sides of the street. $15,000 in requested funding.

• Leveling the Playing Field, which will improve the Michigan Avenue baseball field by adding enhancements such as a mural honoring the 1954 Little League World Series Championship team. $25,000 in requested funding.

The grant proposals were reviewed by the Thriving Neighborhoods Challenge Council. The Council’s recommendations then went to the Board of Directors of The Schenectady Foundation for final approval.

“The enthusiastic response to the Thriving Neighborhoods Challenge was gratifying to see,” said
Kristi Milligan, director of grants and community programs for The Schenectady Foundation. “Tapping into that energy and harnessing it in a positive and transformative direction is what this
grant program is all about.”

During the two previous rounds of Thriving Neighborhoods Challenge funding, 17 projects were awarded $500,000. The Schenectady Foundation is a charitable trust established to benefit the health and welfare of Schenectady County residents.