SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — An unusual discovery in Schenectady has led police to opening an investigation surrounding a side yard on Paige Street. It all started when a jaw bone was found buried in the ground.

It’s not your usual springtime dig. Investigators with the New York State Police and Schenectady Police Department were sifting through dirt on Friday after a woman prepping her yard the day before found what police said is likely a human jaw bone.

Friday morning, police discovered more bone fragments at the site. They said some were animal bones, and the others were too small to identify at the moment. Experts at the New York State Museum, who are not involved in the investigation, said it’s usually easy to determine.

“If you’re an archaeologist or bioarchaeologist, you’d be pretty quick at knowing which features to look for, even if it was broken, to know whether it was human,” Robert Feranec, Dir. of Research & Collections Division at the NYS Museum, said.

NYSP will run DNA tests on the bones. It could take a few weeks for the results to be returned.