SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Monday morning was the first day back from spring break, but Schenectady Police did not expect to respond to Mont Pleasant Middle School for another swatting situation. This just a few weeks after Schenectady High School had to deal with the same thing.

Schenectady Police Lieutenant Ryan D. Macherone says, “The school was not fully occupied when they arrived. [And] the officers made the decision along with the school to evacuate the remaining occupants of the school.”

After receiving a voicemail threat, staff and students were moved to other Schenectady City school buildings for safety. Police said that multiple agencies were on the scene.

“We brought in K9 officers from our own department, and we also received additional assistance from Schenectady County Sheriff’s Department, and the Albany County Sheriff’s Department, and the City of Albany Police Department as well,” Lieutenant Macherone said.

Ashley Nguyen is a school psychologist for New York and Massachusetts, and she says that parents and guardians need to pay attention to any red flags. “A student may be withdrawing from school, poor academics, not wanting to go to school, feeling they don’t belong in school culture,” she said.

She also says there is an adrenaline factor. “The sensationalism of making a threat, and then probably being at home watching it unfold like, ‘whoa, I did that.’ There’s this huge mass exits happening from school buildings and all of these people are getting involved, and then sooner than you know, the police are showing up at your door,” Nguyen said.

But police say students need to understand that these actions have criminal consequences and an emotional impact on the community. “Aside from being disruptive and aside from bringing police agencies from around the capital region-this, this has a tendency-and rightfully so, to make people fearful about sending their children to school,” Lieutenant Macherone said.

Police say the juvenile suspect has been charged with Falsely Reporting an Incident in the First Degree and Making a Terroristic Threat.