SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A new exhibition at the Museum of Innovation and Science (miSci) in Schenectady will debut on September 23, called ‘Let’s Connect! Exploring Communication Technology.” The exhibit intends to tell the story of how people connect through innovative communication devices, and will be on display through May 14, 2023.

The exhibit will showcase how technology has evolved over time, from carved writings all the way to instantaneous messaging from almost anywhere on the planet. It aims to highlight just how much has changed in the ways humans interact, and it will be presented in five different sections, featuring multiple interactive components and artifacts.

The five sections of the exhibit will be called ‘Finding our Voice,’ ‘Getting Wired,’ ‘A Wireless World,’ ‘Radio at Work,’ and ‘The Computer Age.’ miSci continues to aim “to inspire people to celebrate and explore science and technology – past, present, and future.”