PATTERSONVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Meet “Asha,” otherwise known as “Alive and well.”

“Lori, the woman who found her, actually named her that. And what a great name!” said Nanci Beyerl, founder of Peaceful Acres Horses.

Appearing sporadically in backyards and broken stables throughout Upstate New York over the past few years, Asha—much like bigfoot—became the subject of local lore.

“We had gotten a tip. A woman had contacted us, and there had been sightings of a moose,” Beyerl said.

After getting the tip, Beyerl knew what had to be done. “There was no question. When I got the call, I loaded up the trailer and we rolled.”

Filled with burdock and extremely underweight, Asha was brought to her new home to receive the medical attention she desperately needed.

“Anytime you take in an emaciated equine or animal, that first 48 hours is really critical. She also had a nail in her hind hoof. So, you can imagine, for a couple years, what that does and how much pain there was,” Beyerl Said.

And with just a weeks’ time, Asha is on the mend. “Her blood work looks good. Her refeeding program is slow and steady. She loves her hay,” Beyerl said.  

Beyerl also said that, although times are tough for many, helping those in need is the way of life at her horse sanctuary.

“The more we can fill our hearts with something good and positive, it gives us purpose. You know, coming to a place like this, we say, “Stability happens in a stable place,” and it does. It happens here.”

As for Asha, she’s in good hands. “She’s an old gal, and she’s got really special needs and our team is committed to her forever.”