GLENVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Glenville officials continue efforts to stop trucks from striking into Glenridge Road Rail Bridge.

Wednesday night, Glenville Town Supervisor Chris Koetzle introduced a local law that would increase the cost of the penalties for truck drivers. He says drivers who strike into the bridge will be fined up to $450. Ultimately, the money from the fines will go toward implementing a laser beam measuring system. “We are really looking for technology, to try to prevent the strike and we’re looking for a truck route to keep them from driving here at all,” he adds.

Over the last few years, town officials say the Glenridge Road Rail Bridge has been hit more than 50 times. Each hit is costing money out of the taxpayer’s wallet. Koetzle says this shouldn’t fall on the town.

“It’s a state highway and a rail company bridge, Canadian Pacific Railway owns the bridge. It’s really a problem between those two. But someone has to step up and show some leadership here and get something down to stop these strikes because somebody is going to get hurt,” say Koetzle. There are multiple DOT traffic signs on both sides of the bridge, Koetzle says the signs don’t seem to always work because trucks are still striking.

Theodore Scott is a local truck driver. He has been driving in the area the last 16 years and knows those roads can be tricky. “All they have to do is put a bypasser out around side that bridge. There’s a lot of land up there for them to work with,” says Theodore Scott. Theodore says there are ways to fix the issue, truck drivers shouldn’t be penalized. “We’re not going to pave over wet lands, and we’re not going to pave over protected habitats. We’re going to find our solutions and that’s what we’re working on now,” says Koetzle.

The New York State Department of Transportation takes bridge strikes very seriously and works with our partners in government to combat them through a combination of engineering, education and enforcement. We’re continuing to have a dialogue with the Town of Glenville and examine all potential options to prevent bridge strikes at the Glenridge Road location. No idea has been rejected by DOT.

NYSDOT Spokesperson

According to the NYSDOT, DOT replaced eight warning signs and added six additional ones to enhance visibility and safety at the Glenridge Road railroad bridge in 2019.

Koetzle says a public hearing will be held next month to further discuss the proposed local law.