SCOTIA, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Employees at Jumpin’ Jacks were flipping patties and swirling cones for opening day Thursday morning. Diners lined up hours before—none faster than Arthur Fleming.

“When I saw there was no one in line, I just made a run right for the spot,” said Fleming. It wasn’t his first time beating the crowds, either. “I’ve been doing this pretty much my entire life,” he continued. “It’s been a family thing of mine to come here on opening day and get some Jumpin’ Jacks.”

Mark Lansing has owned the shop for more than 30 years. He told NEWS10 his fans are some of the best in the region.

“We have some faithful people, for sure,” Lansing remarked. “And they’ll be coming in all day long, I’m sure. Especially as the weather gets a bit warmer today.”

Those fans crave more than just burgers and fries. For many, it’s about the experience.

“My grill person takes the orders, changes it into our lingo, and relays it back to the other cooks so they know what part of it they have to take care of,” explained Lansing. “And then if someone leaves us a tip at the cash register, you hear a nice loud, ‘subway,’ and we all say thank you.”

Lansing also served up his famous soft serve Thursday morning. He added a special surprise to his menu, as well.

“It’s called temptation soft serve,” stated Lansing. “It’s vegan, organic, and fat free. So, I’m hoping that’s going to be a good product and it’s going to make some people happy.”

Lansing is hoping they might even be happy enough to leave a tip at the counter. If so, customers are sure to hear the famous, “Subway! Thank you!”