SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Over the winter, officials with Street Soldiers Schenectady were contacted by the Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Schenectady with an offer to set up a new drop-off location for hygiene and pantry items that will be donated directly back to Street Soldiers. The team at the JCC of Schenectady set up a shared donation space for their bottle return program and the new Street Soldiers dropoff, complete with a banner, lights, a new doorway, and a new wooden walk-up for the location.

This new banner was hung at the JCC of Schenectady recently, showing visitors where to drop off bottles and cans, and where to donate to the new Street Soldiers drop-off.
An overhead view of the new Streetsoldiers drop-off location, at the JCC of Schenectady.

The donation drop point is a blue shed located around the back of the Jewish Community Center building, located at 2565 Balltown Road in Schenectady. The shed is marked with a blue and green banner that indicates the window for the JCC’s bottle drive, and the door located on the right side for Street Soldiers’ donations.

Donations can be dropped off seven days a week. A motion-activated light will automatically turn on and off itself if you decide to drop off your donations at night.

You will see a wooden walkway on the right side that leads to a door for Street Soldiers’ new drop-off spot. The door will not be locked. Inside, the JCC has built a series of gray shelves for donation intake.

Volunteers will be making frequent pickups during the week and getting donations to those who need them. Street Soldiers already received their first donation in the new location Monday, and say they are very grateful to those who give.

All photos courtesy StreetSoldiers – Schenectady.