SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Forget glamping because the outdoor trend of luxury picnics are all the rage right now! Starting in May, one mom in Schenectady county began bringing the Instagramable events to life locally.

Picnics and Pops is a luxury picnic and events company based in Schenectady and catering to the Capital Region. After a career in medicine, Tanisha Commodore had a change of heart.

“Luxury picnics are a great outdoor adventure where you don’t have to buy all the supplies, you get to show up, have a fabulous set up, and then you get to walk off in the sunset,” said Tanisha.

She started the company in May after hosting a luxury picnic for her birthday. When friends started requesting the picnics for their own events, the idea for the business was born.

Luxury picnics can booked indoors or outdoors, depending on weather and location. Themes for the picnic vary upon the event. Reach out to Tanisha Commodore to book a luxury picnic.