Editor’s note: The number of animals coming to the Glenville APF was incorrect. The story has been updated to correct that number.

GLENVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Animal Protective Foundation (APF), in cooperation with BISSELL Pet Foundation, a national animal welfare organization, is supporting the people and animals impacted by Hurricane Ian in Florida. The Glenville APF will be taking in 10 cats who were homeless before the hurricane. They are being transported from Florida to make more room for more displaced pets as a result of the disaster.

“My mother lived in Cape Coral up until a year ago, very close to the eye of the storm,” shared Joe Lisella, executive director of the APF. “Five years ago, I was visiting and ended up in an evacuation shelter with her and her cats during Hurricane Irma. The impact on people and animals in the region was profound – and this is much worse. I am glad we are in a position to help these cats find a home.”

The APF will welcome these cats, who were available for adoption prior to Hurricane Ian, to help make room in shelters in Florida for animals who became separated from their families, or whose families are currently displaced, due to the storm.

“Shelters are full across the county, but we are grateful for these organizations, including the APF, in making room for Florida shelter pets during this difficult time,” said Cathy Bissell, Founder of BISSELL Pet Foundation. “The BISSELL Pet Foundation team is honored to have the support of these shelters and rescues as they take in pets on this transport. Together, we are providing much needed relief for the shelters throughout in the impacted areas.”