GLENVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A new Verizon cell tower was proposed in the town of Glenville and would help expand services and address public safety concerns. But some residents are now divided over where the tower would be built.

During a Planning and Zoning Commission public hearing Monday night, close to 100 residents were given a chance to share their thoughts on the plan to build the over-100 ft. cell phone tower in a leased area for Verizon Wireless.

The proposed location will be behind the Trinity Church and will help expand Verizon cell phone coverage, which is something many need for accessibility and safety reasons. But some questioned the safety of living so close to the tower.

“I’m basically here to voice my objection for the proposed cell tower. In my opinion, this will clearly result in a substantial change in the character of the surrounding neighborhood.”

Many want to see an expansion of cell service as long as the towers are nowhere near a backyard or residential area.

“The view from all these homes, including mine, will be destroyed.”

“We are directly behind the tree line. It’s not so much the tower I’m going to be looking at. I’m going to be looking at that 8-foot slab base that’s in the back of it.”

The tower will also include ground-based equipment, cabinets for power, and will take up about one-quarter of an acre. Town officials said nothing would be approved Monday night, but they will continue to receive questions from the public and will post responses on the town’s website before making a final decision.