DUANESBURG, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A Schenectady County man recently paid a fine for illegally dumping and burning solid waste. While patrolling in Duanesburg, Environmental Conservation Officer (ECO) Brian Willson spotted smoke in the distance and called Lieutenant Jason DeAngelis for backup.

The officers identified the smoke as coming from a local business off Western Turnpike and responded to the site. At the scene, they found two on-site dumpsters, one of them on fire with solid waste inside, according to police.

When ECO Willson told the property owner that burning solid waste is illegal, the property owner allegedly questioned the definition of “solid waste.” He also objected to the officer being on his property without a warrant, police said.

Officer Willson explained he did not need a warrant when a crime was being committed in plain view and gave the man two tickets for open burning and illegal disposal of solid waste. In court, the defendant entered a guilty plea to one count of illegal disposal of solid waste with a fine of $3,710.