SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On September 14, the Schenectady County voted to authorize $1,353,000 in funding from the NYS Department of Transportation for the Nott Street safety improvement project.

Up to $250,000 will be funded by the Schenectady Metroplex Development Authority in a pledge to bring the project to fruition. Bids for the project opened on June 30, 2021, and construction costs were $55,916 under budget from what was previously estimated.

“While it was delayed due to the pandemic, we are one step closer to breaking ground on this important project,” said County Legislator Michelle Ostrelich. “With construction expected to start next spring.”

The county’s preliminary design of this project in the spring of 2019, met with representatives of businesses with the assistance of engineering consultants in holding public meetings at Niskayuna Town Hall, where careful consideration to modifications were made.

“With so many businesses and residents affected by this project, we wanted to take our time to make
sure we got it right,” said County legislator Sara Mae Pratt.

In the final designed proposal, in construction to take place in 2022, will include:

  • Wide sidewalks
  • Removal of steps in the sidewalk, closest to the buildings
  • Angled parking with a raised curb
  • Clear parking pattern requiring, one-way entrance
  • Forward-facing exit from, the angled parking spots
  • Relocation of the bus stop
  • Additional crosswalk with improved visibility
  • Island reconfigurations

“The planned improvements prioritize resident and shopper safety in this busy corridor while staying under budget, ” said County legislator Cathy Gatta.