Scheduling dispute: Woman shuts down local Stewart’s Shop to release milk


TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local woman says she was forced to shut down a Stewart’s Shop in Troy because she had to pump her breast milk and no other workers were there so she could take a break.

Katlyn Lenperle and Nicholas Rovazzini are loving every moment with their new baby boy. With being a new parent comes with a new set of challenges and this young couple says they’ve encountered a problem they never anticipated, Katlyn’s job at the Troy Stewart’s at Congress and Fifth.

“I informed [my boss] multiple times [that] I am breastfeeding [and] I need a spot to breastfeed,” Katlyn said. “I also need somebody here with me so I can do so.”

On Sunday, Katlyn says a second partner was supposed to be scheduled to come in and relieve her,  four and a half hours into her shift so she can pump. When nobody showed up, she says she called her boss. After more than six hours with no additional staff, and desperately needing to pump, the young mom says she had to shut down the shop.

“We talked about this multiple times so I informed him I will be shutting down the store I have to, I’m in pain,” Katlyn said.

Fuming that his baby’s mother was forced into this position, Rovazzini snapped a photo of the sign she put up when she shut down the store for 15 minutes to breastfeed. He posted it to Facebook and it’s gone viral, especially with local moms.

“People are commenting, liking, and sharing. My phone is just going off nonstop,” Nicholas said.

The young couple’s message to Stewart’s and to other young moms struggling through something similar.

“I don’t feel like I should have to stop breastfeeding my son because there is nowhere for me to do it,” Katlyn said. “Stand up and say something. There are other women out there that are going through the same exact thing and are just afraid.”

Stewart’s sent this statement regarding the incident:

“At Stewart’s Shops we are greatly aware of the needs of new mothers. A breakdown in communication led to her working alone for longer than intended. This is an unfortunate situation that we do regret. We have since met with the partner involved and it appears to be an isolated incident.”

As for Katlyn, she says she’s unsure of what will happen next.

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