SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) -Saratoga Springs has been looking for a location to help their homeless population. Mayor Ron Kim says this problem goes back to before his term.

“It all starts with Woodlawn Garage. I remember when I was running for election, I got a question on Woodlawn Garage and I literally did not have a response to it,” described Kim.

Years later, Kim and his team have now approved a contract to have RISE, housing and support services, operate the shelter on 4 Adelphi Street. The city plans to have those staying at the parking garage be moved to the building and then look into long-term help.

“We do have a continuum of housing for folks. All the way from group homes to independent apartments to affordable housing,” explained Executive Director of RISE, Sybil Newell.

Residents say they are happy to see the city make positive changes for the homeless. “Eighteen years ago, the police were instructed to cut up the tents. Look how far we’ve come,” said a resident of Saratoga Springs.

Business owners near the new shelter share that they have seen issues from the homeless before the opening. They say more needs to be done by the city. “I’ve had trespassing. People having very verbal fights, cussing and swearing,” stated a businessowner of Saratoga Springs.

The mayor is hoping to keep in touch with the community in hopes to solve the city’s issues over time. “Maybe a monthly conversation and sort of make sure that we’re keeping on top of these issues,” explained Kim.

The shelter will open its doors to anyone not in case management or similar services on June 12. Help will be available 24/7.