SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Saratoga Springs Police Department hosted the first of what will be many public discussions on public safety. Police Chief Tyler Mcintosh said the forum is meant to be “an informal discussion to potentially identify problems in the community that we’re not aware of.”

And once they identify them, those who attend can discuss potential solutions.

“With the objective of increasing the overall safety in the community,” Chief McIntosh said.

The forum included going over the police department’s goals. Earlier in the year, the Police Reform Task Force Committee presented 50 points for the department to address. Police say they have been able to complete 37. However, there are still disagreements on how to handle the homeless and mental health situation.

“Because we are in a state in our country that has not invested enough in mental health resources… A lot of times, you are called to crisis situations that aren’t policing at all,” one resident said during the meeting.

Police know none of this can be solved with just one meeting, so they plan to hold public forums like this once every quarter.

“To keep the conversations open,” Chief McIntosh said. “Allow new people to come in and address their concerns or to just chat with us.”