SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Saratoga Springs City Council voted to request bars to stop serving alcohol after 2 a.m. or face penalties. The decision was made around 11:45 p.m. after hours of debating the situation. The new resolution will now require all new liquor licenses and renewals to state the new curfew for bars that want to serve alcohol.

Public Safety Commissioner Jim Montagnino says that the decision will only help Saratoga Springs to be safe again.

“I consider this a great victory,” he said. “I know that everyone wants Saratoga Springs to be a fun place to go. But I feel that it is our responsibility to ensure the city is also safe.”

Saratoga Springs Mayor Ron Kim, Commissioner Jim Montagnino, and Commissioner of Finance Minita Sanghvi voted for the resolution to pass. Commissioner of Accounts Dillon Moran and Commissioner of Public Works Jason Golub voted against it.

The resolution will now be in effect, meaning if a person were to file for a new liquor license, a renewal, or make adjustments to their existing license in Saratoga Springs, the City Attorney would write to the State Liquor Authority, petitioning them to prohibit alcohol sales at that establishment beyond 2 a.m.