BALLSTON, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Saratoga PLAN completed two conservation easements with the Pott and VanVorsts families permanently protecting 126 acres of farmland in the Saratoga County Town of Ballston on December 14. This land will now forever be available for farming and critical wildlife.

The land includes originally part of Brookdale Farm which is thought to be the original 1800s hop farm where hops were transported to breweries in Albany. In 1977 the Pott family purchased 25 acres of the Brookdale Farm including the historic farmhouse. The Potts were active in agrarian life and took pride in their family’s farm and background. The Potts wanted to preserve the farm so in 1982 they approached the VanVorsts to partner and buy the remaining 25 acres of the original farm.

The VanVorst family has run Brookbound Farm since the 1760s. Emma Lewis-Van Vorst comments, “With suburban pressure on all sides, it is critical to the continuing operation of the farm to utilize all the land we presently have, both owned and leased…Our goal is to preserve the land our family has lived on for over 250 years and give the next generation the opportunity to farm if they wish.”

Saratoga PLAN is a nonprofit land trust that preserves the rural character, and natural habitats of Saratoga County. PLAN’s Conservation Project Manager, Tori Roberts states, “The conservation of the Brookdale Farm is a wonderful feat and is a culmination of New York State Agriculture and Markets and two farming family’s steadfastness to preserving the agrarian way of life, scenic views of horse pastures, and rolling productive farmland that Saratoga is so famously known for. It was a pleasure to work with the Potts and VanVorsts to preserve their farmland as they transition it to the next generation.”