SARATOGA, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Officials announced on Wednesday that the Saratoga Housing Authority is going smoke-free.

Starting May 1, a no-smoking policy will go into place in all of its 339 housing units. The new policy will also limit smoking on other parts of the property. Affected locations include Jefferson Terrace, Vanderbilt Terrace and Stonequist Apartments.

In addition to prohibiting smoking indoors, the policy establishes a 25-foot smoke-free boundary around all outside entrances, exits, and windows. There will also be a 50-foot smoke-free boundary around the Authority’s playgrounds.

“Whether it’s second-hand smoke filtering into neighboring apartments or common areas through doorways and ventilation systems, or the fire dangers associated with cigarettes, smoking presents risks that needed to be addressed,” said Executive Director Paul Feldman of the new policy.

Mr. Feldman said the new smoke-free policy is the result of a year of discussion and development in collaboration with Glens Falls Hospital’s state-funded Living Tobacco-Free Initiative.