ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Snow has been falling across the capital district. But how can folks stay prepared for the winter months? We spoke with Rob McDonnell, the store owner of Robinson’s Hardware in Clifton Park. He says that every person needs to have winter essentials.

“Number one thing we talk about is shovels,” he said. If you have a driveway, sidewalks, steps… You do need something to remove the snow with. Whether it be with snow blowers or something like shovels.”

McDonnell also says shoppers should ensure they buy the appropriate shovel for their property. “Bigger driveway- wider shovel. And then the more you will get done,” he said. “You can get much more done quickly, but it also depends on what you can pick up.”

When it comes to salt, it depends on the shopper’s preference. For example, if pets are in the home, it will be essential to buy gentle salt for paws. There are also de-icing products that you can use on your sidewalks and pavements as a preventative measure. But you may also want to check your windshield wiper fluid since that may create even more ice. McDonnell recommends using windshield de-icing fluid when temperatures drop.

“It’s different than your traditional summer fluid grades. It works at a lower temperature so that it won’t refreeze on your windshield,” he said. “For instance, when it goes down to negative thirty degrees. That’s the working temperature.”