CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A new wellness vitamin infusion center it making its way to the Capital Region. The DRIPBaR is set to open at 15 Clifton Country Road in Clifton Park on February 5, 2024.

According to the DRIPBaR, IV drips allow nutrients to enter the bloodstream compared to the digestive tract where most of the benefits are lost. The drips focus on improving recovery time, increasing energy, boosting immunity and anti-aging.

“One of the things that makes THE DRIPBaR stand out is we pride ourselves on following the strictest infusion guidelines and mixing everything on-site in a sterile hood to minimize the chance of cross contamination,” said Marisa Latinville of The DRIPBaR Clifton Park.

The DRIPBaR offers IV infusion lifestyle DRIPs, health support DRIPs, IM shots, Botox injections, IR sauna, halo salt therapy, red light therapy and compression therapy sessions. You can learn more about the services on the DRIPBaR website.

Latinville said the owners of The DRIPBaR have lived in the Capital Region for 50 years. They plan to expand to open more locations around Clifton Park in the next five years.

The company has about 100 locations across the United States including in New York City and Long Island. The Clifton Park location is their first location in upstate New York.