STILLWATER, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The man who was crowned champion at the U.S.A Mullet Championships “The 2022 Mane Event” is back to prove he’s once again “a cut above.” Stillwater man Scott Salvadore is back to reclaim his title as mullet champion in 2023 and has big plans if he were to win the honor again.

I got to interview Salvadore last year when he was named to the top 25 contestants of the U.S.A. Mullet Championships “The 2022 Mane Event.” It seems Salvadore has not gotten over the locks yet, as he is once again in the top 25 contestants.

When I asked Salvadore how it felt to win the contest last year, he did not hold back in sharing his excitement. “I was ecstatic! Such a surreal feeling to have all of these people supporting me in such a silly contest,” said Salvadore. “Without the people behind them, The Lord’s Drapes could never reach the glorious height of BEST MULLET IN THE COUNTRY.”

“The Lord’s Drapes” is what Salvadore and his family affectionately call his mane. When I asked if he had any new names for it this time around, he told me “Business in the front, Hallelujah in the back!”

Last year, Salvadore shared that his wife Ashley had initially signed him up for the competition. When asked if she was still on board, Salvadore shared that the excitement was still there and that she is excited to see him compete.

“She’s my biggest supporter. She loves to see all the joy this has brought! But I will say, she’s been a little pessimistic about it, saying things like, ‘ya know Scott, Miss Texas doesn’t win twice in a row.’ to which I say, ‘Miss Texas never looked this good,'” said Salvadore.

Salvadore reaped the spoils of his victory, saying he was on Access Hollywood with Mario Lopez and the Marty & McGee Show on the SEC Network following his win. Aside from other local radio appearances, judging a mullet contest hosted by River’s Casino and Resort in Schenectady, and even having some international outlets reaching out, he said what was most important to him was growing his faith and evangelizing with others.

Salvadore said, “People I haven’t talked to in years would come to check out my church, and a couple of months later, they are getting baptized. That is so special to me knowing that God used a silly mullet contest to ultimately lead people back to him.”

Last year, Salvadore donated all of his winnings, $2,500, to his church for their “spot for everyone” parking lot expansion. If he were to repeat, he plans on donating the $2,500 to Her Song, a ministry of the Tim Tebow Foundation in the fight against Human Trafficking. This year, part of the contest includes donations going toward participants’ overall score, to which Salvadore says he is donating to Jared Allen’s Home for Wounded Warriors.

U.S.A Mullet Championships’ The Finals- MANE Event will run from October 9 to 13. For more information, you can check out the competition’s website.

When asked how it would feel to take home the title in back-to-back years, Salvadore said, “I’m not sure how it’s going to feel, but I do know it has to be considered one of the greats, and we need to defend this title! I’m coming back to this contest with the drapes longer and stronger than ever before. I’m really focused on the campaign so we can hear “AND STILL!”