SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Skidmore College is building a new health, wellness, fitness, tennis, and athletics center, with the generous support of a family who has long supported the college. Ed and Sue Wachenheim P’85, ’88, ’01; Amy Wachenheim McCaffery ’01 and Michael McCaffery; and College Trustee Kim Wachenheim Wagman ’88, P’15, and David Wagman P’15, a multigenerational family with a legacy of strong support for Skidmore, are offering the lead gift to advance this project.

A spokesperson for the college said the new center will bring together all aspects of student health and wellness support, in a holistic approach to student health within a single complex on Skidmore’s campus. The complex will house resources for mental health and counseling, health promotion and education, physical fitness, and wellness across the mind, body, and spirit.

“We recognize that student health and wellness are of the utmost importance on college campuses today. Our family is proud to support Skidmore College in its efforts to sustain and strengthen students in all aspects of their lives, from mental health to physical fitness to athletics,” said Kim Wachenheim Wagman.

“We have a special connection with the college’s tennis program and student-athletes,” added Amy Wachenheim McCaffery.

President Marc C. Conner expressed appreciation for the family’s continued support, saying, “over the decades of engagement with Skidmore, the Wachenheim family has developed a keen understanding of the college’s evolving needs. Their generosity reflects not only their deep and ongoing connection to the institution, but also an exciting vision for the future of health, wellness, tennis, and athletics here.”

The new structure, to be built alongside the existing Williamson Sports Center, will include Skidmore’s Health Center, the Counseling Center, and Office of Health Promotions, currently located in satellite spaces across campus. The new fitness center will serve the entire Skidmore community and combine state-of-the-art equipment with dedicated spaces for exercise and wellness programming. In addition, an NCAA-caliber tennis complex—including eight outdoor tennis courts and four indoor courts, varsity athletic training spaces, and additional athletic support—will form a major part of the project.

“This is a long-awaited project that will support everyone in the Skidmore community,” said Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of Athletics Gail Cummings-Danson. “We are committed to a facility that is welcoming and accessible to all. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and sustainability will be the guiding principles of this project.”

New locker rooms and team meeting rooms will renew the college’s commitment to the student-athlete experience at Skidmore while investing in athletics facilities for all. The current fitness center will be repurposed as a training facility exclusively for varsity athletics, enabling more dedicated space and programming for athletes while simultaneously creating space for recreational fitness users.

Foundational support for the project was made possible by a generous gift from Susan Kettering Williamson ’59, for whom the Williamson Sports Center is named. That gift specifically supports the tennis complex that will be adjacent to the proposed health and wellness center. The new outdoor courts are scheduled to be completed in 2023.

President Conner said the entire project, which will be LEED-certified, could be finished as early as 2024.