SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Officials in Saratoga Springs commemorated City Hall Tuesday morning, exactly 150 years since it was originally commemorated in 1871. The ceremony included the celebration of the completion of emergency repairs that were done in the aftermath of a fire in 2018.

If you walk into City Hall, you’ll notice a big difference, from new lighting to air conditioning. On the 150th anniversary of the building, Saratoga Springs commemorated the work that’s been done since the summer of 2018.

“The public would come through and see a building they can be proud of and that’s got a lot of great features and really highlights the 150th anniversary that we’re celebrating here today,” said Michael Veitch, the project manager of the restoration work.

In August 2018, lightning struck City Hall during a thunderstorm, causing a fire and significant damage to the roof of the Music Hall. The strike also damaged a pipe.

“That ended up emptying out the entire thunderstorm right into the building basically,” Veitch explained.

Shortly after, the city began emergency renovations to repair the damage, while also transforming City Hall. Before work began, city leaders also decided to remove asbestos in parts of the building.

“We could’ve put a band-aid on it and just done it and got it done quickly maybe. But, we decided because we need a second courtroom, we got that done. We said, listen, let’s come up with a plan,” said Commissioner of Public Works Skip Scirocco.

The project concluded last summer, but officials wanted to hold the celebration until the 150th anniversary of the original commemoration.

“We thought it was appropriate to kinda wait and do it again. Obviously we didn’t have 2,000 people there, but it was still an exciting day,” Scirocco explained.

As the city was able to turn a negative moment in the building’s 150 year history, into a positive and exciting new chapter.