SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Saratoga Springs Department of Public Works (DPW) and the Saratoga Springs Housing Authority (SSHA) have entered into a shared services agreement for salt and gas purchases. The Saratoga Springs City Council unanimously supported the agreement during its August 2 city council meeting.

The agreement allows the SSHA to purchase excess amounts of salt from DPW and use the city-operated fuel pumps at the DPW garage. Officials said the SSHA does not buy a large enough amount of salt to qualify for a state contract and was having a hard time finding suppliers.

Also, since the SSHA does not operate fuel pumps, officials said they pay gas taxes at gas stations for their vehicles even though they are a tax-exempt agency. SSHA Executive Director Paul Feldman asked DPW Commissioner Jason Golub for help with these issues.

“Thanks to the City Council, and especially DPW Commissioner Golub, this agreement will ensure our properties can experience safe passage during winter months and improve the logistics around obtaining fuel,” said Feldman. “Both measures will save money and allow us to focus resources on serving our community instead of sinking time into product acquisition.”

“Now more than ever government needs to be working cooperatively towards solving problems,” said Golub. “This agreement is a way to help the SSHA and the community members they serve and I look forward to this partnership for the benefit of the public.”

Officials said the SSHA will request salt and gasoline from DPW and will be invoiced the amount equal to the cost for the city. This will result in a budget-neutral offset and taxpayers will not take on any of the product cost.