SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Sustainable Saratoga’s paint collection day on October 2 was the first in the area to collect paint to be recycled. Recyclers in over 600 cars dropped off over 60,000 pounds of paint.

“In the past, paint usually sat in people’s basements or garages or ended up in landfills,” said Bill Boehmke, who helped organize the event. “All of the latex paint we collected today will be recycled into new paint and the oil-based paint will be recycled as an alternative fuel.”

It is often hard to predict what the turnout will look like for a brand-new event, but organizers said the local response to this event was incredible. Sustainable Saratoga and its recycling partner, GreenSheen, were “astounded by not only the number of cars but also the sheer amount of paint in each car,” a spokesperson for Sustainable Saratoga said.

Organizers blamed a large amount of paint in many vehicles and the need to sort acceptable items from others for long wait times at the event. “The vast majority of recyclers were grateful for the opportunity and showed patience, good humor, and tolerance for the long wait,” the spokesperson added.

Recyclers now have two ongoing options for recycling paint. GreenSheen will pick up paint at your home as long as you have a minimum of 10 gallons and live within 50 miles of Rotterdam. Call (720) 854-8722 to arrange pickup.

The second option is that people in Saratoga Springs can take up to five gallons per visit to Allerdice Building Supply or Sherwin-Williams. Go to for a list of more drop off places and information about this recycling program.