SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Saratoga County District Attorney Karen Heggen released a statement Wednesday regarding the officer-involved shooting that took place in Saratoga Springs on November 20 and the subsequent release of information by city officials.

In her statement, Heggen said she would be filing an appeal against Saratoga Springs Mayor Ron Kim and Public Safety Commissioner James Montagnino Wednesday in an effort to prevent them from releasing any video footage or information regarding the shooting. She said she was filing the appeal after she reached out to the city council’s private attorney and asked that the city adhere to its “preexisting media policy concerning criminal matters.” Heggen said she was told no in response.

The district attorney obtained a temporary restraining order against Saratoga Springs city officials in November, citing concerns for and maintaining the “the integrity of the ongoing investigation” into the shooting. Early in the morning on November 20, Saratoga Springs police were involved in a shooting with an off-duty Vermont sheriff’s deputy. Multiple people were injured in the incident. In what was considered an unprecedented move, city officials held a press conference and released security video and police body camera footage a few hours after the shooting. At the time, the public safety commissioner said it was about transparency.

Heggen, however, said the release of information could interfere with the “integrity of the ongoing investigation,” telling NEWS10 in a statement: “I didn’t want to do this. But I felt compelled to because of my legal and ethical duty to do so under the rules of professional conduct, in order to ensure the integrity of the ongoing investigation, and to protect the constitutional rights of all involved, and to ensure a fair and just.”

The temporary restraining order is set to end on Thursday, December 22. A court hearing was scheduled for 10 a.m.

Heggen’s full statement about her appeal can be read below: