GANSEVOORT, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) trails of Camp Saratoga North and Old Gick Farm, you will find little brown butterflies dancing among the newly-sprouted lupine leaves. No, they aren’t moths- they are the frosted elfin butterfly.

Frosted Elfin on Blue Lupine, by Wayne Jones.

A butterfly that once stretched from Quebec to Wisconsin, the critters are entirely extinct in many areas and threatened in most others. Sharing the same host plant as the Karner blue butterfly, the frosted elfin shares the same misfortune with the loss of habitat that the wild blue lupine needs to grow.

Seeing the butterfly in the Saratoga Sandplains is a sign that the endangered Karner blue butterfly will soon be there as well. When hiking in the Wilton Wildlife Preserve, keep your eyes peeled for this amazing species!