BALLSTON SPA, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation Sunday after an anonymous threat was made against the Ballston Spa Central School District on social media. Officials said they have found the source of the threat, and it was not credible.

The Sheriff’s Office was called at about 8:15 p.m. Sunday, from a concerned parent who said that their son had gotten a Snapchat message which contained a threat of a school shooting. The boy had received the Snapchat message earlier that evening.

An investigation conducted by Sheriff’s Office members, including Investigators and School Resource Officers (SROs), identified the person who sent the message. Officials said the person behind the message did not have the means to carry out the threat.

As a precaution, extra patrols will be at all district buildings Monday. “Please join me in thanking them for the work they do to keep our community safe,” said Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Gianleo Duca, in a message to parents Sunday night.

Even if a threat is deemed non-credible, students can face serious consequences for the all-too-common social media posts. Making a terroristic threat is a violent felony, that can put 18-year-olds behind bars for two-to-seven years. Younger offenders will be sent to family court but could be sent from there to county court after discussion among the judge, prosecution, and defense attorneys.

Ballston Spa Central School District is also suffering from a lack of bus drivers Monday. The district is not able to transport some students to or from school, a product of nationwide worker shortages.