SCHUYLERVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Professional athletes have used chocolate milk to refuel for centuries. From rehydrating to repairing and building lean muscle mass, and replenishing shed electrolytes, milk is a superfood for professional athletes of all shapes and sizes. This year, milk is highlighting sportswomen at the New York City Marathon.

This Sunday, women marathoners running in the Big Apple will be able to refuel after the race with award-winning chocolate milk from King Brothers Dairy in Schuylerville. The Dairy, a gold medal recipient for chocolate milk at this year’s Great New York State Fair, has been tapped to provide 5,000 bottles of chocolate milk to refuel “Team Milk” women at the finish line.

The King Family says it’s proud to support women athletes. “We’re really proud to be part of a campaign that empowers female athletes,” said Sarah Zdobnikow, a spokesperson for King Brothers. “Milk has a total nutrition package that women of all ages need. It’s great that our chocolate milk is part of such a high-profile event because it spotlights milk’s role in athletic performance, which many people have forgotten about.”

“Team Milk” members will receive race gear, physical, mental, and nutrition advice leading up to the race, and will be treated to essential post-race recovery at the “Team Milk” refueling station—complete with professional stretchers, fitness experts, recovery gear, and of course—chocolate milk. Their participation also helped raise money for the next generation of female runners as MilkPEP matched the registration fees of each woman who signed up to be a part of “Team Milk” with a donation to Girls on the Run, an organization dedicated to empowering girls through running.