SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The jury has voted in favor of the City of Saratoga Springs in the Darryl Mount wrongful death trial. Mount’s mother was seeking damages after she said her son’s death was the result of the police.

Darryl Mount, 24, was left comatose after falling from scaffolding while being chased by police for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend on Caroline Street back in 2013. He later died as a result of those injuries in 2014.

The defendant, the City of Saratoga Springs, was seeking a summary judgment in the case and cited Mount’s fall as the actual cause of death.  Mount’s family’s lawsuit claims that was not the case. Saratoga Black Lives Matter (BLM) leaders agree with the family.  After a judge reviewed officer testimony he ruled the case cannot be resolved by a summary judgment which led to the trial.

Mayor Ron Kim issued the following statement after the jury’s verdict:

“Darryl Mount’s death 10 years ago was a tragedy. The loss of a young man and fellow Saratogian left a void in our community. I’m glad a jury finally had the opportunity to weigh the evidence and reach a decision and am gratified the City will not face further liability. It’s always been my view that because of the failure to conduct any investigation into the death of Darryl Mount, a jury trial was the only way for a final decision to be made. It is unfortunate that all parties had to wait 10 long years for this decision.”