SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This Friday, the NEWS10 morning show is setting sail to Saratoga Lake for our last stop in the “NEWS10 in Your Town” series. Closed during the winter, some folks wait all year for the first signs of summer to finally dig into the lobster rolls at Eddie F’s!

Ed Fazzone has been serving up traditional New England seafood in Spa City since 2016. Born in Schenectady, Ed sharpened his culinary skills living and working in Florida.

The horse owner and avid racing fan returned to Saratoga Springs with a taste of the Sunshine State. Shrimp, fried fish and whole belly clams are just a few of the menu items that bring back diners summer after summer.

When we’re talking about the most popular item on the menu, look no future than the lobster rolls! The cold lobster roll is made with a little mayonnaise and celery mixed with lobster on a toasted bun. The hot lobster roll includes meaty pieces of lobster meat on the grill with hot butter to pour over it.

“Every time you think the hots going better than the cold, then the cold comes in so it goes both ways. People love lobster it’s just a big seller!” said Ed.

If you can’t decide if you’re in the mood for hot or cold, you don’t have to make that tough choice! Order the twin lobster rolls and you’ll get one of each.