SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Citing concerns for and maintaining the “the integrity of the ongoing investigation” into an officer involved shooting, the Saratoga County District Attorney told NEWS10’s Anya Tucker that she has obtained a temporary restraining order against Saratoga Springs officials who have been openly talking about the case.

In the hours following a shooting on Broadway in Saratoga Springs early Sunday morning, which involved a Vermont sheriff’s deputy and Saratoga Springs police, city officials released security video as well as police body camera footage from that incident. It was considered a very unprecedented move being that witnesses were still being interviewed at the time of a press conference with reporters. The public safety commissioner said it was about transparency, but now Saratoga County District Attorney Karen Heggen has obtained a temporary restraining order that restricts the release of any more information regarding the case.

The order, signed by Saratoga County Supreme Court Justice Dianne Freestone, demands that city officials including, the mayor, public safety commissioner and public and elected employees acting in official capacity, “shall refrain from releasing any further street camera footage, police body camera footage, surveillance footage, private video footage, audio footage, audio transcripts, or any other information that would tend to identify witnesses, their statements to law-enforcement or describe in detail any physical evidence or results in scientific tests with the ongoing investigation.”

The judge also ordered that the same people named in the temporary restraining order “refrain from making any further public comments, characterizing any evidence, speculating as to the quality and quantity or quality or clarity of any evidence and presenting opinions or legal conclusions as to the ongoing investigation.”

The city was served with the temporary restraining order Wednesday afternoon, and they have until December 18 to respond. The temporary restraining order is set to end on December 22, and at that time, all parties are expected in court at 10 a.m.

District Attorney Karen Heggen offered the following statement to NEWS10:
“I didn’t want to do this. But I felt compelled to because of my legal and ethical duty to do so under the rules of professional conduct, in order to ensure the integrity of the ongoing investigation, and to protect the constitutional rights of all involved, and to ensure a fair and just.”