CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Clifton Park Water Authority crews were working to repair a water main break on Moe Road Monday afternoon. The break, which disrupted water service in homes between Barney Road and Grooms Road, happened at about 2:15 p.m.

“We do not have an estimated time of repair as of yet,” said CPWA officials, adding that, “until the break is isolated, some customers outside of this area may experience low or no water pressure.”

On top of pressure issues, customers townwide could see discoloration in their water, a spokesperson for the water authority said. If your water is discolored, run all cold water taps for five to 10 minutes to create a high-volume flush throughout the house.

About five hours earlier, at 9:30 a.m. Monday, crews finished repairs on a separate water main break on Torrero Drive. Customers from Par Del Rio to Sevilla were without water until noon Monday, due to that break.