CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Clifton Park Town Supervisor Phil Barrett has released the 2023 Town of Clifton Park Tentative Budget. Barrett said the proposed budget will ensure another year without General Fund Property Tax weighing on town residents. It does not exceed the state tax cap either, he said.

The total proposed budget for the General Fund in 2023 is $20,548,500 and includes $1,055,000 of ARPA funds that remain from the Town’s allocation from the Federal Government. This one-time infusion of funding during the budget process has been allocated for two general purposes. $130,000 will be added to the paving budget, and $925,000 has been allocated for park improvements.

Planned Park improvements:

  • Off Road access and parking for the 41 acres of property the Town has purchased along the Mohawk River
  • Splash Water Park
  • Replacement of the playground on The Common
  • Pickleball courts
  • Outdoor personal workout area

The five priorities to improve Town parks are in various stages of consideration and will be assessed as details of a greater plan begin to emerge. Previously, the remaining portion of the Town’s total ARPA fund allocation of $3.8 million was mostly used for infrastructure improvements. A COVID non-profit grant program used $200,000 of the ARPA funds to support the community.

The Town will remain without a General Fund Property Tax in 2023. The Highway Fund budget for 2022 is $6,596,502 which is a 5.2% increase over the 2022 adopted budget. The Highway Fund Tax is proposed to increase from 29.69 cents per thousand of assessed value to 29.82 cents per thousand of assessed value. For a home valued at $259,000, the total 2023 Highway Tax will drop to $35.53. The Town continues to invest in infrastructure, vehicles, and equipment annually to ensure personnel is equipped to handle daily tasks and respond to timely situations.

The Town will continue to partner with local organizations for EMS Services. The tax rate will increase from 27.74 cents per thousand of assessed value in 2022 to 28.16 cents per thousand of assessed value or 1.5% in 2023. For a home with a total value of $259,000, the tax decreased to $33.55 for 2023. The EMS Tax Rate has remained level over the last two decades due to the rapidly growing healthcare industry in Clifton Park, an expanding commercial tax base, and responsible budgeting.

“Despite the challenges of the COVID pandemic, the 2023 budget further establishes Clifton Park as one of the most fiscally strong and lowest taxed communities in NYS, said Supervisor Barrett. We have proven over the last twenty years, through many challenges faced by our State and Nation, Clifton Park maintains focus and successfully executes our responsibilities on a daily basis to emerge stronger over time.”

The 2023 budget continues the Town’s commitment to maintaining and improving its infrastructure. Significant funding for stormwater, road repair, and sanitary sewer maintenance remains in the 2023 budget.

The 2023 budget includes funding for:

  • Hazardous Household Waste Day in September
  • New software for the parks and recreation office operations
  • Improvements to the Veteran’s Monument Island in The Common

The Town started selling engraved bricks recently for the project to improve Veteran’s Monument Island. They have sold over 100 bricks in a couple of weeks and invite everyone to honor a Veteran through participation in the community project. The six-by-nine engraved bricks can be purchased for $100. Visit the Clifton Park Town website or ask for a paper application at Town Hall to reserve a brick. Construction on the project is slated for 2023.

The Town will be working with the New York State Department of Transportation (NYS DOT) on planning improvements to the Clifton Country Road and Route 9 intersections with Route 146. $12 million has been secured to move the improvement of these two intersections to the next phase. The Town is not responsible for costs associated with the project. The Town will also be partnering with NYS DOT on intersection improvements along Route 146 at Waite and Tanner Roads as well as at Plank and Kinns Road after recently securing funding for planning the projects.

“The Tentative Budget continues our focus on infrastructure, park enhancements, and town operations to benefit our Town,” said Deputy Supervisor Anthony Morelli. “We will continue to focus on quality-of-life issues important to Clifton Park residents.”

“The Town of Clifton Park surpassed $6 billion in total value this year,” Barrett added. “I am very proud of our record, our team, and the many volunteers who serve our community in countless capacities.”