CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Back in February, a Clifton Park pastry shop was hit by a car. And while repairs are still underway to the front façade, the building was struck a second time.

Mary Baldi-Fron, the owner of Dolce & Biscotti Italian Bakery, said her staff is still jittery from the first hit when a woman plowed through the front of her bakery and narrowly missed employees and customers.

So on Wednesday, when a driver struck the concrete support pillar and shifted it from it’s foundation, the impact shook the building and her staff.

Baldi-Fron said it appears the drivers are mistaking the gas for the brake or simply not paying attention, but neither of them were ticketed.

“We have a tremendous clientele that are elderly people,” she said. “They have been cooped up for a year, and they need to get out and they want to get out. We totally understand it, but on the downside of it, they haven’t driven in a long time.”

Baldi-Fron said they’re still waiting for insurance to process the initial claim in order to recoup the losses, and they’re working with the building owner on how they can make some improvements moving forward.

“It does fall under insurance, but any remediation, like barriers, technically, that’s up to the building owner.”

She said, on top of that, many drivers speed through the plaza and even drive on the wrong side of the road, so she’d also like some signage or speed bumps to encourage people to take it easy.

“Slow down!”