GREENFIELD CENTER, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Saratoga Academy of Elite Martial Arts, located inside the Ndakinna Education Center in Greenfield Center, trains both kids and adults in several different disciplines. Although not everyone trains to get in the ring, the Academy’s fight team trains for just that.

On September 10, three fighters battled it out during a DonnyBrooke Fight Promotions event in Barre, Vermont. Coming away with two wins and one loss, Sean Murphy, Niko Scolamiero, and Raymond Melancon already want to get back in the ring.

The Academy has several martial arts programs including Northeast Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with an affiliation under Alliance Jiu-JItsu, Saratoga Muay Thai, Saratoga Judo, and Saratoga Kyokushin. Murphy trains Kyokushin, Muay Thai, and Jiu-Jitsu, while Scolamiero and Melacon only train Muay Thai and Kyokushin.

Murphy competed in his second MMA fight on Saturday and won by TKO. However, before the fight, there was an issue about the weight class and his opponent.

“It was supposed to be 185. There was a bit of a communication discrepancy. He thought it was at 170, but he still took the fight so that was pretty cool,” said Murphy.

Murphy said most of the first round was on the ground after he kicked his opponent twice in the face. In the second round, Murphy landed an uppercut about 30 seconds in, leading to the TKO.

This was Murphy’s second fight. During his first fight in May, he broke the school’s record for the fastest submission win during an MMA fight with 41 seconds.

As for Scolamiero, this was his first time in the ring. It was a Muay Thai fight, meaning they stood up the whole time with only striking allowed.

His fight was in the 155 weight class against an experienced opponent. After all three rounds, Scolamiero was declared the winner. “It was a decision, we went the distance, got the win,” said Scolamiero.

Scolamiero has been training at the Academy for about three years and has been training Muay Thai for about one. He definitely wants to fight again and might try MMA one day.

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At 39 years old, Melancon stepped into the ring for the first time on Saturday. It was a Muy Thai fight in the 160-weight class. Unfortunately, Melancon lost in a split decision.

Melancon won the first round and his opponent won the second. “Don said ‘This is the last two minutes of your life, better get in there and fight.’ So I went in there, turned it up. I thought I won the third round, but he did,” said Melancon.

Melancon has been training at the Academy for less than a year. He’s going to start training jiu-jitsu soon, and he wants to get back in the ring again one day.

Fight team coach Don Walton said that he decided after his last fight to focus on training his team. “It really is amazing that I get to watch this team do such amazing things and they all work together really well. So I’m quite proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish together,” said Walton.

“Not everybody might be a fighter, but anyone can be a martial artist,” said Jim Bruchac, Director of the Ndakinna Education Center.