SCHUYLERVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Bound by Fate Brewing opened its doors for the first time in February 2020. After twisting and turning with the COVID pandemic and overcoming supply chain issues, the brewery is celebrating its third anniversary in the town of Schuylerville.

“We’ve been steadily brewing all different styles of beers over the past three years, with many nods to both our family history and the history of the area,” said Brett Demler, co-founder of Bound by Fate Brewing and Head Brewer. “Names like McDermott’s, Bettina, and Anna McGuinness are often up on the draft list with Boat Bridge and Empty Niche because good beer connects us to the past and brings us together to forge the future. On Bound by Fate’s future, we’re excited to be brewing on our brand-new system, ramping up production, and planning to offer canned beers to go in the coming months!”

The brewery started exploring food service, and in the past year built and opened a kitchen to serve a full menu featuring Lao food. Pam Pradachith-Demler, co-founder and CEO, was born in a refugee camp after her family left Laos and grew up in the Bay Area of California surrounded by Lao food prepared by her sister, Chef Seng Luangrath, who is now Chef and Owner of DC-area Lao mainstays Thip Khao, Padaek, and Hanumanh, and the founder of @laofoodmovement.

Pam wanted to bring those flavors to Schuylerville to pair with Bound by Fate’s beer and brought in nephew Chef Bobby Pradachith to serve as Opening Chef. The kitchen, Haan Lao at Bound by Fate Brewing, opened to rave reviews in March 2022.

“Lao food is eaten family-style, with everyone at the table sharing plates and eating with their hands, and this connection to the food and the people you share it with fits perfectly with the motivation behind Bound by Fate Brewing,” emphasized Pam Pradachith-Demler, co-founder of Bound by Fate Brewing. “I’ve been so pleased by the reception our kitchen has gotten in this little village of Schuylerville. Folks from all over are coming in, trying dishes they’ve never had before, pairing food with Brett’s beer, and walking out with a newfound love for Lao food!”

Bound by Fate Brewing will celebrate its anniversary the weekend of February 17. “The weekend will be filled with entertainment and other activities, old friends, and of course, good beers,” a spokesperson for the event said in an emailed statement. “Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will each have a beer-style theme, with favorites and mainstays coming back on tap for one night only so you can come for the first time and try them all or revisit a beer you’ve been missing.”