GREENFIELD CENTER, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Just a few days short of his 31st birthday, retired racehorse “Zippy Chippy” passed away peacefully Saturday at Old Friends at Cabin Creek in Greenfield Center. The farm serves as a retirement community for thoroughbred racehorses, often called a “living museum of horse racing.”

Zippy Chippy was one of the best-known horses at the farm, where caretakers often celebrated him– and appreciated his company. “What a life he lived,” began staff in a memorial post on Facebook. “And what wonderful friends he made. He was a shining star for aftercare. He ran his own show and bossed us around with no regrets, and we listened.”

Owner-trainer Felix Montserrate traded a Ford truck for Zippy Chippy in 1995. In his racing career, over 100 starts, the horse never won a single race- but he gained fame in other ways, for putting on quite the show whenever he hit the track. In 2000, People Magazine even voted Zippy Chippy one of the year’s “Most Intriguing Characters.”

Zippy retired from racing in 2004 and had a brief second career as an outrider’s pony at his home track, in the Finger Lakes. In April 2010, he found a home at Old Friends at Cabin Creek. Zippy found great friendship with his new paddock mate, Red Down South, and in recent years, they were the stars of the farm.

It’s safe to say that Zippy Chippy will be missed by all. In the words of the employees over at Old Friends at Cabin Creek, “run free Zipster, until we meet again.”