BALLSTON SPA, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Village of Ballston Spa residents like Dewey and Debbie Blair hope an upcoming change in leadership with help them with their last huge $2,260 water bill. When NEWS10 first reported on the story, the Blairs said that after a plumber didn’t find any leaks, they began to suspect their 30-year-old water meter, which showed that they used 669,000 gallons of water in just six months.

The current mayor, Christine Fitzpatrick, said the village water department had done all they could, including replacing the old meter. She told NEWS10’s Anya Tucker that the meter had been tested and was determined to be in good working order, and they would stand by the amount due.

Around the same time, Jon Taisey, the owner of the Medbery Inn and Spa, told NEWS10 that he had been dealing with the same issue. “[The village] tried to tell me I used a million gallons of water instead of the normal 100,000 or something gallons of water,” Taisey said. “Instead of my bill being $300 and something—like it has been consistently for 20 years—it’s $3,300.”

Frank Rossi won a special election for village mayor, and as mayor-elect he told NEWS10’s Anya Tucker that he plans on creating a new water committee that will take their old infrastructure into consideration. “We don’t have master meters going into developments to be able to say, ‘Well, look there’s not a change in water usage over certain periods so why are we getting a testing that’s so widely different?” said Rossi. “We really have to take a look at a case-by-case basis.”

The meters are just one part of a larger infrastructure issue that older communities like his are grappling with. As for the Blairs, they say they have always paid their bills on time and even offered to give the village what would amount to an average six-month bill. But after their offer was refused, they decided to stop payment on the check for the $2,200 bill.

Rossi told NEWS10’s Anya Tucker that he was going to look into the issues with the Blairs’ bill as well as a-typical bills with other customers. He added, “It may not be an overnight sensation. But I am committed to resolving these issues in a fair manner.”