WILTON, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Two police officers and two civilians were recognized on Wednesday for their roles in helping save the life of a motorcyclist after a crash in Wilton. The Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office said the man’s lower leg was severed after the crash on Route 9 on July 29.

Sergeant Ryan Mahan of the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office and Trooper Taylor Salaway of the New York State Police were awarded the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office’s Life Saving award. Sheriff Michael Zurlo said Mahan applied a tourniquet to the motorcyclist’s leg when he arrived on scene. He and Salaway then applied a second tourniquet after the first did not stop the bleeding.

Christopher and Jill Rafferty of Moreau were awarded the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office’s Samaritan award. Both stopped to help the motorcyclist before police arrived. Zurlo said Christopher Rafferty applied a bandana as a tourniquet to the motorcyclist’s leg and both he and his wife remained with him until police took over. Their son Evan, who is a member of the Sheriff’s Explorer program, accepted the award on his mother’s behalf.

Pictured from left to right: Sheriff Michael H. Zurlo, Evan Rafferty, Christopher Rafferty, Sergeant Ryan Mahan, Trooper Taylor Salaway, and Captain Shawnda Walbridge (Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office)

Mahan and Salaway were honored for performing an act in the line of duty which resulted in saving a life. The Raffertys were honored for an act of humanity as a friend to a person in need during an accident, and for giving understanding and confidence to that person.

“Sergeant Mahan and Trooper Salaway both showed us what a police officer is. When the chips were down, they acted and a person is alive today because of them,” said Zurlo. “It is truly what we do when nobody is looking that defines what a hero is. The selflessness and compassion shown towards a fellow human being on the part of the Rafferty’s was perhaps one of the most commendable acts I’ve seen in my career.”

The Sheriff’s Office’s tourniquet program began in 2016 with equipment under the 1033 program. The program authorizes the Department of Defense to transfer excess military property to state and local law enforcement agencies.